Zip Top Leader's Pack

26Z WorkSack
26Z WorkSack
Item# 260019

26Z WorkSack
This is a new pack that we've been working on for quite some time. More details to follow, but it's made from burly fabric for long life, with higher strength fabrics in the vital spots and lighter fabric where we could...

The stretch pockets are strong but you will shred them long before the pack is done, there just isn't any better material for carrying flipflops or nalgenes out there.

We use the super supportive foam from our 30L worksacks in this pack so you can carry a big load. There is an optional framepad with a stay that will be available in December. There are load lifters, but due to the design of the pack, there is no hipbelt for this pack. In over 18 months of testing, we found that this pack works great with just a sternum strap and that sometimes you might want to run one of our dual adjust buckles as a back up midriff strap.