A Pack for Guiding

40L WorkSack
40L WorkSack
Item# 4000180

Stripped Weight: 875g(2 lbs) | Max Weight: 1915g(4 lbs)
See bottom of page for Weight and Sizing specifications.

Made when ordered here in our factory in Portland, Oregon, and winner of the Guides Choice Award! and Alpinist Mountain Standard awards, CiloGear WorkSacks are the best packs for climbers in the world.

CiloGear designed the 40L WorkSack for the kind of Alpine guiding found in places like the Alps. The 40L is a proven tool for guides and other folks who need some internal organization with the versatility and comfort of CiloGear. The 40L has the same dimensions as the 40B WorkSack, but includes a zipper access on the front panel.

The zipper access pocket creates a way for you to allow limited access to your pack to other people. Folks can get in and grab lunch without risking the chance that they dump the contents of the pack. The trade-off is that there is no compression strap.

Equally at home cragging in summer and winter, the 40L WorkSack is a comfortable pack for weekend hiking from spring to fall. The ability to go into the pack from zipper on the front panel makes the CiloGear 40L WorkSack incredibly versatile and easy to use.

Weight and Sizing Specifications
Pack Bag: 875g(2 lbs) | Hip belt: 120g(4oz) | Lid: 190g(7oz) | Strap set: 180g(7oz) | Framesheet & Pad: 550g(1 lb) | Total: 1915g(4 lbs)

Size by torso length
14"-16" = Small
17"-19" = Medium
20"-23" = Large

Adjustable Volume
60 Liters with extension out
45 Liters normally stuffed
20 Liters with both buckles closed
Ladies, be sure to specify Women's Hipbelt.