Ultimate Leader's Pack: NW Dyneema 20L WorkSack

20L NWD WorkSack
20L NWD WorkSack
Item# 200038
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20L NWD WorkSack
Stripped Weight: 250g(9oz) | Max Weight: 270g(9.5oz)
See bottom of page for Weight and Sizing specifications.

Made when ordered here in our factory in Portland, Oregon, and winner of the Guides Choice Award! and Alpinist Mountain Standard awards, CiloGear WorkSacks are the best packs for climbers in the world.

Designed for maximum strength with the absolute minimum weight, our Non-Woven Dyneema® (NWD) fabrics are truly amazing. The 20L NWD® takes our classic leader's pack, drops weight and adds strength. The light weight NWD® material used in this pack can be punctured, but it is incredibly hard to tear. Simply put, you can abuse this pack to your hearts content on an alpine climb and it will keep on going. This pack is designed to ride above your harness and to stay out of your way when you're leading at your limit.

The 20L WorkSack rides between your shoulder blades and above your waist. It won't interfere with a climbing harness. The same pack mates onto any other CiloGear pack as an accessory pocket, and totally outperforms any other detachable pack for hiking, scrambling or skiing.

Volume Range: Normal: 20L | Compressed: 10L | Closed: 8L

Weight and Sizing Specifications
Packbag: 250g(9oz) | Strap set: 20g | Total: 270g(9.5oz)
We provide two removable straps and a sternum strap. No hip belt.