30:30 Guide Service

30:30 Guide Service WorkSack
Item# 303078
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Stripped Weight: 700g(1.6lbs) Max Weight: 1250g(2.8lbs)

The 30:30 Guide Service (GS) Worksack delivers guide appropriate burliness to a lightweight backpack that excels at 48 hour daytrips. With the same antecedents as the 30:30 WorkSack, the 30:30 Guide Service reinforces the bottom with super burly VX42 X-Pack layer on the sides and VX100 on the bottom. Born from the needs of the Cilogear Nation, the 30:30s are a 40ish liter capacity pack with the suspension of the 30L hence the ridiculous name!

The 30:30 Guide Service still strips down to a super light summit pack that climbs really well. The suspension is the same as the proven 30L WorkSacks. The same EvaZote foam as in the 30L pads the shoulder straps and hipbelt. This resilient foam cushions your shoulders and hips without weighing you down and provides the best possible load carry.

If you know you need more space than the 30L, and you want a burlier pack, the 30:30 Guide Service is the pack for you. A single drawcord extension, the 30:30 GS is extremely light, in fact you could say that the weight is the weight of success!

The 30:30 includes the hallmark Cilogear features: Ninja Pocket, internal compression strap, removable bivy pad, lid, sternum strap and hipbelt. The pack comes with a set of 10 removable straps to make the system work just right for you! The 30:30 GS does NOT come with a framesheet, but it is compatible with our Airbeam Framesheet or our standard Framesheet, both of which may be ordered as an accessory.

Weight and Sizing Specifications:
Pack bag: 700g(1.6lbs) | Hipbelt: 120g | Lid: 170g 6oz | Strap set: 160g(6oz) | Bivy Pad: 100g | Total: 1250g(2.8lbs)

Size by torso length
14" - 17" = Small
18" - 19" = Medium
20" - 25" = Large