CiloGear's tough packs to take from crag to a wall.

Cragging. Building routes. Big, kinda scary things in day. Not everything goes down the first time. Life takes practice.

CiloGear recognizes that sometimes you need a pack for all those hours of practice. You want a pack you can beat up and abuse. You want need extreme durability, but you shouldn't give up the proven comfort of a CiloGear WorkSack at carrying a big load on an approach. From parking lot to trail to talus, you know CiloGear packs carry the load well. These new packs are for our kind of commuting.

CiloGear's new line of crag packs blend heavy duty Ballistics materials to make stout, comfortable, haulable backpacks. They're not haul bags, and you shouldn't expect them to perform like a haul bag. These packs are pretty damn western though!

Available from 20L to 65L. These packs deliver durability without sacrificing the carrying performance and the climbing performance of CiloGear's award winning line of WorkSacks.

20L Hauly
20L Hauly delivers the leader's pack for folks who haul.
30L Hauly
Carries a drill in style, the choice of ASCA crews in Las Vegas and beyond. Also great for cragging!
45L Hauly
Big enough for just about any rack. Burly enough for years of climbing happiness.
65L Hauly
It's Big. It's Burly. If your rack won't fit, you must be doing vertical construction!