NWD 75L: Light Expedition Pack

75L NWD® WorkSack
75L NWD® WorkSack
Item# 750038

Stripped Weight: 800g(1.75lbs) | Max Weight: 1920g(4lbs)
See bottom of page for Weight and Sizing specifications.

The 75L Worksack is a specialized carrier for bulky loads. A step beyond from our regular WorkSacks, it can comfortably carry the heavy loads of high altitude mountaineering and long, unsupported backpacking trips.

Made when ordered here in our factory in Portland, Oregon, and winner of the Guides Choice Award! and Alpinist Mountain Standard awards, CiloGear WorkSacks are the best packs for climbers in the world.

The Non-Woven Dyneema® let's you eat your cake and have it too! Designed to supply maximum strength with the absolute minimum weight, our Non-Woven Dyneema® fabrics are truly amazing. These packs have the highest rip-stop performance on a weight, strength and thickness basis of any packs in the world. The weight of these packs is all foam, thread, webbing and buckles. This is the lightest weight NWD® material that will deliver in the alpine environment.

Designed to supply maximum strength with the absolute minimum weight, Cilogear's NWD® fabrics make truly amazing packs: the absolute best tear performance on a weight and thickness basis. Our NWD® fabric delivers tear strength in excess of 200 pounds -- in contrast to the 60 pound tear strength of 1000d Cordura. It is remarkably abrasion resistant for such light material, but if you somehow manage to beat it into submission, NWD® is field repairable with Seam Grip.

The NWD® 75L shares the same suspension and features as the regular 75L Worksacks, with a Ninja Pocket, removable framesheet with aluminum stay, carbon control rod, bivy pad, lid, sternum belt and hip belt. The strap set consists of 4 short simple straps, 2 long simple straps, 2 dual adjust side release straps that go all the way around the pack, and 2 long side release straps.

Weight and Sizing Specifications
Pack bag: 800g(1.75lbs) | Lid: 115g(4oz) | Hip belt: 185g(6oz) | Strap set: 220g(8oz) | Framesheet, Bivy Pad & CCR: 600g(1.3lbs) | Total: 1920g(4lbs)

Size by torso length
14" - 17" = Small
17" - 19" = Medium
19" - 24" = Large
Ladies, be sure to specify Women's Hipbelt.