CiloGear WorkSacks: Alpinist Mountain Standard winning packs

Available Right Now!

We are slowly reopening. The website will change a lot in the next few days. 30L GS WorkSacks in assorted colors are available to order...

CiloGear is currently selling 30GS WorkSacks through our website. Our retailers are still selling all our packs, and we suggest you contact them directly to get you what you need.

Outside Online's Indefinitely Wild calls the WorkSacks the the world's most rugged packs, writing:

"You donít truly understand the meaning of ďbomberĒ until youíve used one of these."

"A light pack is an excellent way to reduce weight while not sacrificing much safety or utility. Cilogear is perfect for this, as they make simple, light backpacks that are well designed and last forever." WildSnow

CiloGear is one of America's Best Companies Manufacturing Outdoor Gear! Yep, we won a Sassy Award!

"Iíd have to say the 45L Worksack is the nicest carrying pack Iíve ever used."
Splitter Choss

From Kyle Dempster to David Gottlieb, Aaron Mulkey, Jewell Lund and even rock climbers like Nik Berry (and many contractually obligated quiet users), many of the best alpinists and climbers in the world use our packs on the most demanding routes in the most rugged conditions. They tell us that we make the best alpine climbing packs in the world.

Curious? Check out our Cilogear Propaganda videos for more information.

Curious to know more about CiloGear? Watch some more Cilogear movies! We've got ice climbing, and we've got seam grip. What more could you want?
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