CiloGear WorkSacks: They call them Perfect.
We just seek to make the best packs for climbers.

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CiloGear's WorkSacks are the best packs currently available for alpinism. From daypacks to the biggest expedition load haulers, CiloGear WorkSacks earned a rabid following from alpinists to guides and all kinds of climbers in between. From the 20L to the 75L, CiloGear WorkSacks are the packs of choice. named the 30L WorkSacks Editor's Choice after it beat the 2nd ranked packs (the 3030 WorkSack and the 45L WorkSack) for the top spot on their alpine climbing pack review! calls the 20L WorkSack a Top Pick, and recommend "the WorkSack for climbers.".

Climberism magazine reviewed the 30L WorkSack: "Alpine Climbing Perfection?"

Alpinist Magazine's Mountain Standards' reviewer didn't need the question mark in his review of the 60L WorkSack: "PERFECTION."

They even work for skiers! WildSnow reviewed the 45L WorkSack starting out the review by saying "CiloGear is perfect..."

The American Alpine Institute's Guide's Choice program awarded the Peak of Approval to the entire line of WorkSacks. In the Guides Choice Award their team wrote wrote "The WorkSack line is the perfect example of sleek trim alpinist style backpacks."

CiloGear makes your pack when YOU order here in our factory in Portland, Oregon. We carry no inventory, and thereby have almost no waste. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business as much as possible. The biggest single thing we can do to protect our environment is only make what is ordered and what you're actually going to go climbing with!

Questions? Give us a call! or Email us! Or support YOUR local retailer and our excellent local retail partners and get a pack from them!

20L WorkSack
Simple Light leader's pack for alpine climbing.
20L Guide Service WorkSack
Leader's pack for rock climbing and aggressive users.
30L WorkSack
Alpine Climbing Perfection in UltraRight™ Materials!
30L Guide Service WorkSack
Alpine Climbing Perfection for Guides
30L W/NWD  WorkSack
Alpine Climbing Daypack Perfection in the Ultimate Material
3030 WorkSack
A Followers' Pack? Or the supersized Alpine Climbing Perfection in UltraRight™ Materials?
3030 Guide Service WorkSack
Leader's Pack? Follower's Pack? Either way, it's Guide Service. Alpine Climbing Perfection in Ultra Durable UltraRight™ Materials?
3030 W/NWD WorkSack
The Big Mountain Leader's Pack in the Ultimate Material.
40B WorkSack
Burly. Capable. Like the 60L, but for smaller loads or smaller folks.
45L WorkSack
As seen in ...The AAJ? Yep. Everywhere? Yep. This is it.
45L W/NWD WorkSack
Low weight. Extreme abrasion resistance. Highest tear strength. And winning design.
60L WorkSack
Alpinist Mountain Standards: "Perfection"
60L W/NWD WorkSack
Design called Perfection. Materials that are the ultimate.
75L WorkSack
The Guide's Choice for Mountaineering Adventures.
75L W/NWD WorkSack
Low weight. Extreme abrasion resistance. Highest tear strength. And winning design for the biggest loads.
Replacement Straps
This is the same set as comes with a new CiloGear pack of 40 liters or larger.