CiloGear Advocates

CiloGear Advocates
We at CiloGear decided that the world needs strong leadership, strong community and corporate responsibility. Rather than the old practice of giving money to satisfy the ego of an athlete, CiloGear choosing to support the tribe of quiet and not-as-quiet alpinists, ice and rock climbers, skiers and snowboarders who are working to fight climate change and build community. Since the summer of 2018, we've slowly been 'firing' our unpaid athlete ambassadors. CiloGear recruited people who give more than they take to build our outdoor communities and we worked together to build a dramatically new program that launches in October of 2019.

Watch this space to learn a lot more about this first of its kind initiative and the change in the outdoor economy it will drive.

The below folks used CiloGear for many years and some of their athletic endevour continue to inspire us...but that simply isn't enough for us to sleep at night anymore. We hope inspire you to get out and Carpe that Diem!

Kelly Dedel, Timmy Laes, Cary Laes, Mike Gauthier, David Gottlieb, Joe Puryear, Steven Berwanger, Beth Goralski, APJFAA, Rob Duncan, Daniel Harro, Jess Roskelley, Ben Erdmann, Kevin Daniels, Chris Kalman, Josh Huckabee, Bruce Normand, Jed Brown, Shingo Ohkawa, Kyle Dempster, Jewell Lund, Libby Sauter, Chantel Astorga, Whitney Clark, Tad McCrea, Bahadir Fenerci, Murat Kandi, Jesse Mease, Aaron Mulkey, Will Mayo, Shane Treat, Adam Roberts, Alan Rousseau, Kendra Stritch, Josh Helke, Tino Villanueva, Jon Layne, Sam Higby, Austin Siadak, Matt Van Biene, Nathan Smith, Pete Takeda, George Lowe III, Nik Berry, Blake Cason, Cody Sims, Urban Novak, Josh Jespersen, Aaron Mike,
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