We manufacture our packs in house. Our office and workshop is in a building over 100 years old. Our electricity is hydroelectric, from the Columbia river that runs between Oregon and Washington. Our materials are sourced in the USA, and the vast majority of our materials are made here. I doubt that there is a 'greener' backpack manufacturer out there shipping as many units.

There has to be a balance between making money, selling quality product at decent prices, and taking care of our employees and the rest of the world.

We feel that lean manufacturing and reducing waste is the best way to accomplish this balance. We build the packs to order, and we respond to what the market wants.

Work can, and should, be kind of fun. You've got to make a high quality product with good design and materials, but we also try to have fun making the stuff.

While they’re not climbers, they are damn good at what they do, and they do care about the quality of their product.
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