Repair Kits! Crampon Pouches! Diagonal Carry Ski Straps! Avy Shovel pockets...

Item# accessories

Purchased individually, the smaller items on this page are eligible for discounted USPS hat / belt shipping. This does not include lids, frame sheets or similarly bulky items.

CiloGear packs are designed for user innovation and versatility. The removable accessories add capabilities to the packs, while keeping it simple.

We're glad to provide a few accessories to help carry essential mountain supplies: snowboards, wands and snowshoes come to mind immediately. And belts and tee shirts...

GA Repair Kit
Tape, Seam Grip, and the blessing.
Crampon Strap Pouch
A removable crampon pouch for CiloGear WorkSacks
Diagonal Carry Strap System
The System for diagonal carry on a CiloGear WorkSack.
wand pocket
Removable side pockets.
Shovel Pocket
Carries a shovel blade securely outside of your pack
Hold a rope on top of your pack.
Replacement Lid
BR Belt
Dee Clip Belt
Sternum Strap
Removable sternum strap.
Bivy Pad
Replacement Foam Pad
Recycled PETg with a recycled Aluminum Stay.
Replacement Hipbelt
Replacement hipbelt for 40, 45 & 60L WorkSacks
Merino Beanie
CiloGear Merino Hat
AirBeam Frame Sheet
3.5 Ounce AirBeam Frame Sheet revolutionizes load carry with superior, adjustable rigidity and support.
CiloGear Fozzil Bowl
CiloGear Fozzil Bowl awesomeness for yummy eating. Plus, it's a fun hat!
2014 Tee Shirt
T Shirt with our logos.