Ski? Ski Mountaineer?

Ski Packs
Three years of work, destructive testing, and feedback.

Wild Snow wrote: "A light pack is an excellent way to reduce weight while not sacrificing much safety or utility. Cilogear is perfect for this, as they make simple, light backpacks that are well designed and last forever." WildSnow wanted more. They and others asked for a line of ski packs...

All CiloGear Z Ski packs have the following features:

Dedicated internal Avy Gear compartment. Dedicated straps for the bottom of A-Frame. A few more pockets for organizing snow safety gear. A big pocket on the hipbelt for the smaller packs. Beefy, waterproof fabric that's right for the skimo world.

First, meet the Zip Tops. From our 30, 30:30 and 45, new packs are born.

30Z Ski Pack
A Day Ski Pack
3030Z Ski
Hut Trip Ski Pack
40Z Ski Pack
40B Ski Pack
45 Ski
45L Ski Pack. Perfect for long weekends and other big trips.
26Z Ski Pack
CiloGear's 26Z brings your avy gear and organizes your ski stuff without extra size or weight. Go light, have fun!
Our secret mega classic