editorial reviews

editorial reviews
Lighten Your Load! Alpinist Magazine's Mountain Standards review recently finished checking out a Dyneemaģ 45L WorkSack and gave it 4 stars. The reviewer noted that:
When I received the new CiloGear Dyneema(R) 45 mountaineering pack to test, I knew immediately that it would lighten my load...Nearly every strap on the pack is removable, making the pack easy to customize for each load, and the pack has a seemingly endless number of compression options. People who don't like to fumble with buckles and straps will be a bit overwhelmed by all of the options, but pack geeks like myself will be awed by the versatility. The pack also cinches down very small (very much like the Wild Things Andinista) without using a zipper or Velcro.

The pack held ice tools well: the picks were protected; the shafts attached securely to the pack; the tools were easily accessibleóeven with the pack on.

...This pack makes going light much easier. For a summer alpine climbing pack, the Cilo Gear pack will be seen on my back for the bulk of my overnight trips.

Rockclimbing.com's Editorial Review staff had the following to say in their review:

Now, Iím not a features guy, but at the same time, I like the idea of having options. Thatís what makes the worksack such a great pack- it can be as simple or complicated as you need it to be. It holds a ton, and can compress to a ridiculously small volume despite the huge size. Best of all, its probably the lightest pack I own- lighter than any of my 30ish liter packs for sure- clocking in at around 3lbs, but able to be stripped down to less than 2lbs if you go light and fast with it. My biggest concern, which is true for any pack, is how it carries. The experience speaks for itself. After months of slogging around Red Rock with it- with approaches ranging from an hour to three hours, 4th classing, 6 weeks on the road with it as my only pack, a round trip to and from half dome, and two weeks running around Squamish, my back and hips couldnít be happier- the pack rides like a dream.

Climbing Magazine's Review in Issue 252:

They called our 40L WorkSack an essential part of your gear for a bivy.

Alpinist Magazine's Mountain Standard Review

They got two packs, one summited Everest, the other went sking, both had fun, well, WorkSacks are The Mountain Standard.


"This is a phenomenal, well-designed pack that fits beautifully and carries varying loads with ease. A fantastic technical bag with unparalleled versatility (once you spend all of 10-15 minutes learning how to dial the straps). Itís lighter (and yet still more comfortable) than any other pack Iíve used."

Rock Climbing.com

If you could only have one pack...

Here's an brand new review on mountainproject.com of our 45L WorkSack.
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