WorkSacks, the best mountain rucks in the world, in MultiCam, other patterns and that coyote color of choice for Special Operators and Mountain warfare.

CiloGear the world's best mountain warfare packs.

We've been doing it for years, and we've learned a lot from our customers. Our perspective is still based in alpinism: we'd rather make a pack as light as possible while it does the job. After all, you can get another pack.

This page represents a selection from a large catalog. CiloGear may well have an off the shelf, commercially available solution to meet your needs. Ask us. CiloGear always stocks MultiCam, Coyote and white fabrics. Other colors depend on availability. All MultiCam packs are Berry Compliant.

We make two basic types of these packs: mountaineering or not. If it's for mountaineering, we call it Alpine. If it's not, we call it something else witty and insightful like "comms" or "sniper" in the hopes that the name describes what the pack does for you. Both come with our borderline crazy attention to detail, from the right MultiCam webbing (Murdoch: it does not fade) to IR compliant buckles and enough ports in every pack for cables, wires AND hydration.

Packs with frames come in Small, Medium and Large.

If you want the pack to be compatible with an ALICE frame, that's possible: just get in touch and ask about that program.

For any more information, email us at or call us at 503.305.3858.

26Z Tactical WorkSack
Zip top patrol pack with minimal PALS and maximum movement.
34L Comms Pack
The WorkSack for Combat Controllers or JTACs. 'Nuf said.
40 Sniper Pack
From a Mk 20 to a Mk 13, the 40 Sniper Pack discretely carries both your weapon system and basic kit for an extended jaunt in the hills.
26Z Alpine Team WorkSack
The 26Z Alpine Team WorkSack carries your summit gear for fast military mountaineering climbs or slow slogs.
77 Sustainment WorkSack
Combine our 75L worksack and our 26Z worksack, and carry big ass sustainment loads.