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Fit, Warranty, Ethics
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Click through the below links for information on Materials, Fit of the packs, and our ethics. Information on ordering, our address and all that is in the navigation bar on the top of every page.

We're a very small company based in St. John's, Portland, just about underneath the St. John's Bridge. We make all our packs here in house, from our Alpinist Mountain Standard winning WorkSacks to our NonWoven Dyneemaź and Woven NonWoven Dyneemaź WorkSacks, the duffels and urban packs and of course our Haulys..

If you're ever visiting Portland, please consider yourself invited to stop by and check us out. We've got office hours on Tuesdays, from 3 PM to 5 PM, but please call us to confirm we're going to be here! 503-305-3858

Fit and Sizing
How to fit a pack...
Ethical choices in manufacturing.
CiloGear is a lean manufacturer. This does NOT mean we do custom work. We make the same products day in and day out, in the same color ways, and we strive to improve each day. That is not custom. Want to know more? Read on...
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It's your fault.
CiloGear's Warranty, Repair and Replacement policies.