30L Commuter II

30L Commuter II

30L Commuter II
Item# 3720180
CiloGear's Commuter Bags won a dedicated following around the world. The Commuter II is the same bag as the Top Pick Commuter Bag just lighter and simpler: it lacks the side access zipper of it's older sibling.

With our alpinist mentality of cutting off unnecessary crap, we looked at how often we used the side zipper. We don't. And so the new pack was born! With two mesh pockets, you've got more places to stash stuff on the side of the pack, and the pack is also more water resistant.

Available with or without exterior logos, the Commuter II delivers alpine inspired simplicity to our daily life in the city. True to its alpine heritage, the 30L Commuter II features removable straps and allows you to stash the shoulder straps to make a trim, clean bag for the airport or subway.

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The same USA made reflective material found on the sides of the CiloGear WorkSacks provides superior coverage when walking or cycling at night.

We craft the City Bag from bomber water proof materials and use special water resistant thread. The bag isn't totally waterproof -- hey, there's a giant hole in the top -- but it's pretty good.
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