45 Ski

45 Ski

45 Ski
Item# 450149
Stripped Weight: 790g(1.6lbs) | Max Weight: 1800g(3.9lbs.)
See bottom of page for Weight and Sizing specifications.

Take our 45L WorkSack. Add a side access zipper. Add internal avy gear storage. Now it's time to go skiing!

We make the backpanel of out of super tough and waterproof VX50. This fabric is super resistant to wetting out, so you won't have frozen back problems from putting down and picking up this pack. There is a side access zipper on one side, with a burly VX50 cover over the zipper to ensure weather resistance.

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All Cilogear 45Z Ski Packs feature a removable framesheet with aluminum stay, bivy pad, strap set, lid, sternum belt and hip belt. There is a dedicated section for backcountry safety gear, including tubes for probes and shovel handle and a pouch for the shovel blade.

Weight and Sizing Specifications
Pack Bag: 980g(2.1lbs) | Hip belt: 120g(5oz) | Lid: 170g(6oz) | Strap set: 160g(6oz) | Framesheet & Pad: 550g(1lb) | Total: 2200g(4lbs.)

Size by torso length
14" - 17" = Small
17" - 19" = Medium
19" - 24" = Large

Adjustable volume
75 liters fully extended
45 liters normally stuffed
22 liters with buckles closed
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