A 75L load carrier with a lid that's our 26Z alpine assault pack.

Item# 79004977

Let's face it: sustainment loads suck, especially on skis or snowshoes. This pack does not. It's about 6 pounds all in, with our superior dual density foam, stiff & light eGlass framesheet and bivy pad of course all the straps. The lid is actually our 26Z Alpine Team Pack, a fully functional pack on its own. Or you can get it with a regular lid.

You can unzip the sleeping bag compartment, fold it away, and take your buddy for a walk if you really want to.

Both packs are made with our exclusive WNW white magic fabric. This fabric takes a woven UMWPE face fabric and makes it ridiculously strong. We use stiffer materials on some sections of the pack to make it last a long time. With our intelligent selection and application of materials, the main pack bag weighs 2 pounds 12 ounces.