AirBeam Frame Sheet!

AirBeam Frame Sheet
AirBeam Frame Sheet
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Lighter. As stiff. More Comfy.

Isn't that enough? CiloGear and Klymit's new AirBeam Frame sheet revolutionizes load carrying. This inflatable pad is only 3.5 ounces (aka 110 grams) yet can provide better load transfer than our standard Framesheet.

Protect your back from pokey cams and climbing gear. Use it as an extra bit of insulation or a super minimal sleeping pad.

The AirBeam Frame Sheet fits into the 45L, 60L and 75L WorkSacks and similarly sized Haulys perfectly. It can be used in the 30:30 and the 40B, but you must fold down the pad slightly to accommodate the shorter back panel of the smaller packs.