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Custom? Really?

CiloGear is a lean manufacturer. This does NOT mean we do custom work. We make the same products day in and day out, in the same color ways, and we strive to improve each day. These bags we make to each order are not custom. What then is custom? Well, it's any and every change or modification to what we do every day.

Custom means making any unique product. Move a bit of webbing? Custom. Use a different color? Custom. And it all means a lot of work...

Our materials and our designs are tailored to work together in very particular ways. We make the materials based on our forecasts of consumption and the process of making materials happens months in advance of when we need them. CiloGear packs don't work right if you take the material on the side panel and put it on the bottom panel, or vice versa. We can't just magically get different fabric or webbing colors: we order the minimum yardage in that color after several dye tests are made. It all takes months. After the fabric is made and dyed, it gets finished at another mill. More time.

What does that mean for you? Well, for starters, if you really want custom colors, you're going to be waiting for months while we source the materials and do our best to get the color right. We'll test the prototypes, we'll get the materials and THEN we'll make the new thing you are looking for.

You want purple webbing? That will cost you a few thousand dollars. You want a pack made in your favorite football team's colors? You're looking at something like $15,000 to start, and that's without any licensing fees associated with those team colors. You want your own design and colors? Call us and we'll get you our bank information and a contract. After signing the contract and wiring us a substantial downpayment, we'll work on it.

The price of this product reflects the initial cost. Your costs may well be higher, and it may take quite a little while to get the final product. You can be assured though that your pack -- or rescue tarp -- will be made to our highest standards and represent our best work.
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