CiloGear Grocery Tote in Ripstop

Ripstop Grocery Tote
Ripstop Grocery Tote
Item# 1111888

Ripstop Grocery Tote
This limited edition grocery tote is made from our factory scraps: this beautiful 210d Dyneema Ripstop material would end up in the garbage if it weren't for these awesome totes! It weighs less than 6 ounces but is super burly. Oh, and in the month of April, 25% of the revenue from sales of totes will go to Crag Law...

These totes are made from fabric that would otherwise have been thrown out. When the fabric is gone, it's gone, so act fast! These totes do not have the Dee Clips like their more burly brethren, but that makes them faster and lighter for all your shopping needs.

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